Bamboo shades have an alternative to add a RD sponsorship to them which makes for a snazzy shade with the RD choice. Bamboo shades are like roller shades in that they will likewise have a hole between the window ledge and the material that permits light to go through the shade. Notwithstanding that, a few produces start the polyester lining 1/4″ from the edge of the bamboo shade which is truly observable when you have a RD lining versus a light separating lining. Once more, an outside mount is suggested for greatest RD.

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Honeycomb shades are a great decision for RD because of they have a Mylar film inside the cell. In the event that this item is estimated tight by a window covering proficient it can shut out 98% of the light when mounted within the window. This is additionally expecting that your window is straight.

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Roman Shades are fundamentally the same as Bamboo Shades similarly as RD. They additionally can have a RD lining added to the shade. The distinction would be the covering on the roman shades as a rule is done of to the edge of the shade so you won’t see huge light holes on the sides of the shade when it is in the down position.




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