There are a number of treatments available for this condition, but it is very important to discuss this possibility with your doctor. The procedure can help you regain your original look and feel more confident in your appearance, giving you the confidence that you need to go out and start enjoying life again. Resource

The Hair Transplant Information Primer

A hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery technique that removes hair from one area of your body, known as ‘the donor site’, to another balding or bald spot on the body known as ‘the recipient site’. The procedure is most commonly used to correct male pattern hair loss. The process begins by taking the scalp (or hairs) from an area where the hair has not grown back. It is then placed on to the recipient site of choice and then cut off. When hair transplants are being performed in an on-site clinic, a local anesthetic can be administered to numb the scalp.

The first stage of the procedure is known as “root cutting”. This part requires an experienced practitioner. An incision is made under the skin on top of the head, where the donor site is located. Once this is done, the scalp is cut off to avoid causing further damage to it.

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