Dr Daniel Tan, an emeritus professor at the University of London, and his wife Mary have been having a baby boy for the last six years. They had always wanted to have a baby, but the thought of having a girl proved to be extremely scary for them. After all dr daniel tan, Mary was a doctor – she never dreamed that she would need to learn how to be a mother, and there were plenty of women around her who could have become mothers if she had been a little less desperate about her dream. However, they didn’t give up, and this book is a remarkable story of how their child came to be.

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In today’s world, it is often the case that people struggle with infertility. This is because the science behind it has changed dramatically in recent years. The problem was that the couple would try various methods of conceiving, without success.

As a result, they would either turn to infertile donors, or they would try to make do with an assisted conception. It is amazing how quickly the technology changed when Dr Tan and Mary started trying for a baby in the late eighties.

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