Duffel bags are a type of suitcase that has been around for hundreds of years. The word “duffel” derives from the German word meaning bag. Duffel bags, or kit bags, are a small bag usually made of plastic or synthetic material, generally with a zipper closure with a pull string to help keep it closed. Typically a buffer is used by civilian non-military personnel in the armed forces, for travel, sports, recreation and for traveling. Duffel bags are often referred to as travel gear. Duffel is not like a suitcase, it does not have a bottom to keep it closed, but it is much smaller in size than a suitcase.


Duffels come in various sizes and types and can be found in many different colors. They may be made out of a variety of materials, including nylon, vinyl, cotton, and a variety of synthetic materials such as polyester. The typical buffers will have a strong material to support the weight and provide a good fit. This will make it possible for the buffers to be carried easily, without getting tangled up. Some buffers may also include handles, which will allow the user to carry it without a strap on the shoulder. Duffle is designed to be carried easily from one place to another, in addition to being able to carry it for long periods of time. It is an excellent tool to use when traveling.

Duffles were originally used for transporting baggage that has no value to the airline, such as luggage with broken locks. Because duffles are small, they do not create any type of a mess when transporting it on an airplane. In fact, this can allow a person to carry the bag without being concerned about the bag causing a disturbance on the plane. A raffle is also very lightweight, making it easier to transport it and more comfortable to carry. These bags are available for most airline services. They are very popular among all people who travel. Most buffers are now used as travel gear as well.

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