The Mudjacking Rochester machine will then lift up the concrete slab. The repair job begins with the removal of the concrete sub-slabs by hand, but other machines are available, such as hydraulic lifts, that allow the machine operator to manually remove the concrete slabs. When it comes to concrete repairs in an office, it is important to have professionals that know the type of concrete being used and the types of flooring that are being used. This will enable them to make the correct repairs without doing further damage to the existing flooring. In order to determine the type of flooring to be repaired, the flooring should be inspected with a microscope or a magnifying glass, and samples taken to determine the texture and composition of the flooring.

Mudjacking Rochester – What is the difference?

Special equipment can also be used to determine the thickness and quality of the concrete. This type of equipment is designed to create a model of the entire floor and take a photograph of the floor after the repairs are completed. This process can be done during the initial inspection by the contractor or the work crew can begin right after the flooring is removed from the ground by the machine.

When concrete is to be poured or resurfaced, special tools or a mixer may be required. This equipment is used for pouring the concrete and mixing concrete into the correct mix for pouring, or may be used during the actual pouring.

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