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Pullenvale Childcare Centre

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Last updated on December 1, 2020

“Goodend Pullenvale” is a name given to Pullenvale childcare centre. “Greatstart” is one of two businesses that have been established under this name. “Goodend Pullenvale” was founded by David and Fiona Curnow. “Goodstart” is a new business, based on the success of “Greatstart”. “Greatstart” had grown significantly since it started out with the first child in 1999.

Pullenvale Childcare Centre

pullenvale childcare

“Pullenvale” is a village in Victoria state, Australia. It is approximately five kilometres from Geelong. The main attraction of Pullenvale is its picturesque countryside, and beautiful views of the Lake Maggiore area. The village is home to around 200 people who live on farms and in small cabins. Pullenvale has a very high proportion of children with special needs. The children that attend “Greatstart” are often at an early stage in life, and require a lot of assistance.

Pullenvale has recently suffered through drought, but many people believe this was due to excessive grazing on the land. The children that attend “Greatstart” are often in need of more assistance than those who attend “Pullenvale”. Many parents are looking for ways to help their children with their special needs. Parents have been using “Greatstart” as a source of income for their children. The children attend “Greatstart” for a number of reasons including educational support, fun and social activities, and the opportunity to interact with the wider community. The “Greatstart” business has helped many families.

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