Carpet Cleaners Newcastle Upon Tyne isn’t your average carpet cleaning service; No matter if you accidentally spilt wine, coffee, food, or even your dog just vomited all over your new beautiful carpets; perhaps you just had a nasty students moving into your student accommodation that have left your expensive carpets all messed up, rugs torn, and furniture scratched, or maybe your tenant just left you with some filthy carpets as they were all dirty from all the people they’ve been in touch with. Carpet Cleaners Newcastle can come and clean and dry your carpets whilst saving you the hassle of calling in a cleaner and waiting around for them to arrive. Carpet Cleaners Newcastle is experts in their trade and can provide you with a free quote within 24 hours of ordering. You can also ask them to steam clean or wash your carpets too, which will both save you time and effort, plus it makes sure any allergens are removed.

Carpet Cleaners – Newcastle Upon Tyne

Carpet Cleaners Newcastle

Carpet Cleaners Newcastle has all the proper equipment to carry out the carpet cleaning services you need, whether it’s removing pet stains or cleaning up spills on newly washed carpets. Whether you need your carpets cleaned on a regular basis or once a year, Carpet Cleaners Newcastle can cater to your needs. Carpet Cleaners Newcastle is situated on the main part of Newcastle upon Tyne, which makes them easily accessible from all the other local businesses. With Carpet Cleaners Newcastle is able to offer their services to all the major hotels in Newcastle, as well as being able to fit special orders where necessary, they can be relied on to provide excellent carpet cleaning services at affordable rates.

Carpet Cleaners Newcastle offers all the cleaning services you could imagine for your upholstery and carpets. There are upholstery back and forth cleaners, stain cleaners, rug cleaners and all the other carpet care products you could imagine. Carpet Cleaners Newcastle can also provide any other services you might require. Carpet Cleaners Newcastle is located at their factory onupper Walborn road, which is just under the pedestrianised Market Street at the corner of Walborn Avenue at the eastern end of the New Street. If you want to know more about the carpet care services Carpet Cleaners Newcastle can provide, why not pop into their factory on Upper Walborn Road, or give them a ring on the phone number given on the website.

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