Cora organic tampons

Cora organic tampons are a fantastic alternative to plastic-based tampons that many women find irritating. Besides choosing to make your own tampon with fresh herbs like tea tree oil and aloe vera, Cora has partnered with groups in developing countries to provide a month’s supply of eco-friendly sanitary pads to an adolescent in need of each monthly supply of Cora sold here in America. All of the products, aside from the organic ones, are made with materials such as soy, corn, recycled rubber, cotton, and rice.

Cora Organic Tampons – The Best Absorbency Option

Cora has several models of pads, each offering a different absorbency. They range in thickness, and most offer a minimum thickness of five feet and a maximum thickness of ten feet. Since women will often be on the go throughout the day, having a thick, plush pad that provides a comfortable fit over the pelvic bone is a good idea. Cora organic tampons are also good for heavy flow days and offer a non-latex alternative to rubber inserts that can sometimes stick and make a woman uncomfortable.

In addition to offering various absorbency options, Cora offers subscriptions to several distinct models. With their Super Saver subscription options, for example, users receive three boxes containing four, six, eight, or twelve weekly pads. With the Super Saver Express subscription, users receive two boxes filled with four, six, eight, or twelve weekly pads and the monthly price is the same as the standard subscription. And with the Family Pack, users receive a box with twelve weekly pads and six bi-weekly pads – perfect for those who want an all-around absorbency option.

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