The Car Wash Stratford, CT Springs is owned by Spectrum Services and is one of the largest car wash facilities in Connecticut. The address of this particular Car Wash is 50 State Street, Stratford, CT 06604. The main building is a multi-level building that has over four hundred thousand square feet of space devoted to the use of car wash equipment for all types of car washes. This makes it a giant in the car wash industry and is a huge competitor with other car washes in the city of Stratford.

Business Info – What is a Car Wash in Stratford Connecticut?

car wash Stratford

Many local businesses are familiar with the business that owns this particular Wash and have delivered many of their workers to work here on the website. In fact, some of them have made their living doing this very job. Another major company that is a big fan of this location is Continental Restraider. They have a lot of washing needs around this area as well as some offices around the area as well. The employees at this particular Wash are known to be excellent in what they do and it has become a big business for both them and the owner.

You can view the car wash location on a map online at any search engine. Once you have located the car wash then it is time to find out more about it. See if there is information available about hours, how often the place gets busy, what the parking situation is like and what the average price is for car washes in the area. You may also want to check out their customer service reviews to see what customers think about the way they are treated. See if customers are satisfied and make sure that you are able to contact them via email or phone number if you would like.

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