Rama Corporation | A PVC blanket heater can be an excellent item to buy for your home if you are looking for something that will provide warmth on a chilly winter’s night. These blankets are generally available in two different types, either directly sold or as a unit that requires assembly. If you have the latter option, it is very important that you follow the instructions listed in the manual to ensure the safe installation of the heater. Most models offered in the market these days come with flexible insulation that helps maintain the heat given off by the heater at a constant temperature. The blankets also come in various colors, sizes and designs, making them ideal for any home interior. Some of the best selling models have LED lights attached to them, which add to the comfort level as well.

Heater Comparison – Why PVC Blanket Heater is the Best?

PVC Blanket Heater is an ideal product to buy if you want to have the ability to use it even when the power is down. When wrapped around a small section of PVC pipe cut with bends in it and securely plugged into 120 V outlet, PVC Blanket Heaters allows users to bend it by hand and make use of blankets instead of electrical cords. Some models F-3400 and F-3419 provide greater capacities upto 1 in. and upto 3 in. This allows users to heat smaller areas such as bathrooms and bedrooms without bothering about power cuts.

In addition, most modern PVC blankets are equipped with variable speed fan that allows the user to change the speed of the fan as required. The best thing about these portable heaters is that they can be used both inside and outside the house, without any risk of over-heating. It is always advisable to carry out a test drive before purchasing a heater in order to check its compatibility with your electrical equipment and its heating efficiency.

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