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What is a 3PL? A Logistics Warehouse Can Help Solve the Problems Facing the Supply Chain

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Last updated on January 12, 2021

One of the more interesting trends in the modern business world is seeing the rise of what is known as logistics warehouses. These are warehouses which are used by supply chain organizations for the transportation and warehousing of products, both large and small. There has been a lot of talk in recent times about how the supply chain is breaking down due to automation, but there has been little to no analysis of what is actually going on inside the logistics warehouses themselves. The question many people in the industry have is, why is it that there are so many of these warehouses, and what is it that they actually do?

What is a 3PL? A Logistics Warehouse Can Help Solve the Problems Facing the Supply Chain

Let’s start with the basics. These warehouses utilize what is called ‘robot management’ to effectively run them. These robots are basically programmable logic devices which take an inventory of what is being placed into each truck, as well as what is needed in order to make that truck move smoothly and efficiently along its path. In the past, warehouses had to rely on people to manually take care of this sort of thing, and this obviously resulted in much slower movement of products, and a much higher risk of human error. Modern day logistics warehouses use what is known as’smart robotics’ to ensure that warehouse management is made much easier, and that warehouses can operate at an optimum level even without human supervision.

This doesn’t mean that all warehouses will have robotic supply chain solutions installed in them. Indeed, one of the biggest problems in the warehouse environment is simply too much waste, and the sheer volume of waste which is produced in the modern era is staggering. To address this, logistics warehouses are required to be strategically positioned throughout the supply chain, in order to make sure that no part of the chain is holding back potential profits, and that the entire chain is operating at maximum efficiency. Logistics warehouses are also used to monitor the integrity of the logistics chains themselves, which is obviously another use for logistics that no one would ever have imagined.

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