The Australian Jigsaw Puzzle is a challenging and popular gift. With it, you can help teach valuable life lessons without the traditional “teacher at the back of the class” approach. There are many different ways to incorporate this classic board game into your classroom. Here are just some of the many ways it can be adapted for use in today’s school environment.

Australia Jigsaw Puzzle – A challenging and popular gift

– Adults can enjoy playing with the puzzle pieces as much as the children! In an adult classroom, it may be easier to have the teacher hold the puzzle piece while the other students attempt to solve the puzzle. You can even help the adults play the game by having the teacher clue the students in on the correct answers. The adult will often have a great time answering questions that they would not get while in school. It will give them a sense of accomplishment when they find out the correct answer.

– For younger students, you can get the students involved in making the puzzles. Have some of the younger students to help build the puzzle pieces and then have the remaining students attempt to put together all the pieces. By doing this, the students get to learn a little bit more about the process of putting together the puzzle as well as getting an opportunity to use their creative talents.

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