hazardous area training perth

Hazardous area training Perth was started in 1980 in Western Australia to educate workers about the hazards of working in hazardous conditions. This training is designed to train all employees to recognize the dangers of certain chemicals, equipments and materials. It also covers emergency procedures that are necessary for survival in the event of an accident. You do not have to be a trained professional to take up this course.

Why Importance Of Hazardous Area Training

Hazardous area training Perth involves hazard identification, hazard analysis, hazard solutions, risk management and protective equipment. The training covers such areas as electrical and electronics, construction, car accidents, agricultural products, asbestos and food safety. The program allows participants to learn the fundamentals of ergonomics, nutrition, safety & bio safety. They gain a thorough knowledge about workplace practices, toxicology, first aid, nutrition and infectious diseases. Other topics that are covered include pregnancy and maternity, building maintenance and safety, general health and safety and household products safety.

The training Perth class provides you with a certificate that is recognized by the Western Australian Health and Safety Authority and the Australian Health Practitioner Standards. Employees who complete the training are automatically entitled for registration with the National Health and Safety Authority. The certificate is good for two years and can be renewed. In addition, the employee has the privilege of working in designated hazardous environments for a further period of two years.

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