If you’ve ever been interested in boxing but were never sure where to start because of the cost, this article is for you. Boxing is a great way to exercise and stay in shape; it’s also well known as both a fun and challenging stress reliever.

There’s nothing like throwing your fists against a heavy bag or sparring with an experienced fighter who knows how to turn the speed up when it gets difficult! Investing in personal training can be expensive though (between $25-40 per session). If you’re looking for ways to get into boxing without breaking the bank, keep reading!

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What You’ll Need [To Be Successful In Boxing]

Boxing Gloves – If you have access to a gym where they allow people to train, you can probably borrow some boxing gloves. Not everyone has this luxury though, so in most cases, you’ll have to buy your own equipment anyway.

There are many different types of boxing gloves from all kinds of brands (~$30-60) and choosing the right glove for you is important because if they don’t fit correctly it will make practice difficult or even lead to injury. In general, all gloves used for training should be 10 oz.

If you’re taking a basic kickboxing class at a gym, these are usually what you’ll get for free with your registration fee – the pricier gloves bought by serious boxers tend to be heavier.

Hook-and-Loop Tape – The cheapest type of tape that works well for hand wraps (the fabric worn over the hands and wrists during a boxing match) is hook-and-loop tape. You can buy it at any sporting goods store for ~$7 and will be able to get around 2 – 5 uses out of each roll.

Many people wear hand wraps under their gloves while training, but if you want that extra protection then all your gloves should fit comfortably over them (meaning no bunching or pulling). Hand wraps also help absorb some of the shocks from punches thrown by the fighter without gloves on.

Kickboxing Bag/Heavy Bag – The heavy bag is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who’s serious about boxing because it allows a fighter to practice punching techniques against a safe target.

Heavy bags come in two different varieties: the free-standing bag that is suspended from a chain in the ceiling and the “interactive” version that can be filled with water or sand. The latter usually costs around ~$30-70, but feel free to shop around – you might find someone selling an older model they don’t use anymore for cheap!


Boxing Headgear/Mouthguard – This equipment is mandatory if you do not have access to protective headgear at your gym. Investing in one of these will protect against cuts on your face, broken teeth, swelling inside of the mouth, and other injuries that could be caused by being stuck there.

Mouthguards cost ~$10-15 while headgear typically runs between $20-100 depending on the brand. Contact lenses are also a good investment – most people will already have these but if not, they’re available at any drug store (~$10).

The Method To The Madness

You’ve now assembled the majority of your boxing equipment! Let’s look into budgeting for personal training to actually learn how to put your new gear to use properly. If you live in an area where courses are offered by local schools or parks & rec departments, definitely take advantage of them because they’re usually free.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to afford private instruction through so here are some affordable alternatives:

YouTube Videos –  These can really help you get started with basic punches and footwork techniques until you feel ready for more.   Kids Health is a great site for those who are younger, but this is ultimately something you should discuss with your parents or guardian.

– To list a local class on this site, click here.

Remember that if you’re engaged in truly competitive boxing, there is always the risk of serious injury.

However, as long as you use common sense and don’t spar until you feel comfortable going all out against a fully padded opponent then it’s safe to say that a boxer can enjoy a lifetime of fitness through this sport! Whether your goal is to shed some pounds, increase coordination and agility, or just have fun boxing is an activity anyone can benefit from!

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