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Posts published in “Day: November 21, 2021”

Things That Make You Love And Hate Swim Wear

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The summer is coming very soon, I’m sure most of us are preparing for it by working on our tans or shopping for new swimwear. However, some of these can also make us love and hate them at the same time! Here’s a list of 8 things that make you love and hate swimwear:

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  1. Strapless Swim Wear

I am one huge hater when it comes to strapless suits. It makes me feel insecure sometimes because my bust size fluctuates now and then due to weight gain/loss, so taking off my strap will just put my whole breast area out there in the open.

Other than that, if I do choose to use this kind of swimwear now since they’re available in a lot of designs and looks good on most people, I make sure to wear a skirted bottom or a sarong. It makes me feel less exposed plus it’s easier for me to walk around when I use this kind of swimwear.

  1. One Piece Swim Suits

Let’s just say that not all piece swimsuits are cute. Some can be frumpy, you just need to know what style works best with your body type and have the confidence to pull them off convincingly! For example, if you have a shorter torso with longer legs, you’ll want to avoid horizontal stripes for the swimsuit not to make you look even shorter especially with an elongated neckline.

Also with a high waist bottom, the higher hips will draw more attention to your legs that may or may not be slim looking. I suggest going with something that has thin horizontal stripes combined with an asymmetrical neckline for best results.

  1. Floppy Hats

They look so cute on top of everyone’s head, but what about the person who needs to wear them over their curlers and wet hair? The floppy hats can get in the way of our everyday life! However, if you love it so much and want nothing more than to bring it along with you everywhere you go, why not consider using a bandana instead?

It’s less cumbersome to carry around plus they come in many different designs and colours too! Just make sure that your hair is dry when worn underneath a floppy hat, I suggest going to the beach with your hair already dry or washing it before putting on a bandana.

  1. Sarongs

Sarongs are useful especially if you’re using a one-piece swimsuit. It gives you a chance to wear a cute dress instead! Also, unlike most one-pieces they can make you look instantly slimmer and taller esp if worn over high waist bottoms which is a very flattering style of swimwear for anyone who doesn’t like showing too much skin.

You can either buy one online such as this adorable wavy striped sarong. If you’re crafty, try making your sarongs from a large rectangular piece of fabric by following this easy how-to guide.

  1. Metallic Swim Suits

This one’s not exactly a love and hate situation for me, but it can be if you choose the wrong metallic swimsuit! They come in so many different styles and designs that sometimes we just get so lost choosing between them, don’t we?

For example, some can look classy while others on the other hand are more daring and on the verge of being tacky. It all depends on your skin tone and on what kind of mood you’re trying to pull off that day when deciding which metallic swimwear to go with.

  1. Cardigans

It’s a good idea to have a cardigan with you when going poolside or beachfront, but having too many of them can be bad as well! You don’t want to end up wearing something similar all the time right?

I suggest bringing at least three different types of swimwear cardigans with you and maybe three other accessories such as belts, chunky necklaces and other headpieces. This way you’ll always look unique every day even if it means a slight change in your accessory or footwear choices.

  1. Sarong Scarf Dresses

These are great for those who love the idea of sarongs but find them to be cumbersome especially during wind days! Plus they come in so many different materials, shapes and sizes that you will never be out of fashion even if you wear the same dress combination all summer long. The best part about it is that they look nice with flats or heels, esp when worn over swim trunks!

Types Of Swimwear And How To Pick The Right One

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Swimsuits are everywhere. Finding the best swimsuit for you can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! With Bombshell swimsuits, you always have a choice. This article will talk about some of the most common types of swimsuits and how to pick the right one.

women's black, white, and yellow sleeveless swimsuit

  1. Triangular Swimsuits

Triangular swimsuits are perfect for any type of body. They come in a variety of colours and prints, so you can pick one that is unique to you! All types of triangles have different characteristics. One might be the right triangle, which will give you more coverage from above and below your bust line. This leaner triangle tends to look better on women who have a smaller bust, but it isn’t necessarily true!

\Another type of triangle is the inverted triangle, which gives fuller coverage above and below your bust line. Women with bigger busts tend to do best with these snugger suits because they don’t want anything falling out while they jump into the water or play volleyball at the beach.

  1. Halter Swimsuits

Halter suits are great for women with a smaller waist and bigger busts. They give you more support than other swimsuit types and will make your waist look tiny! A halter bikini top paired with high-waisted bottoms can create an hourglass effect on your figure, which is very flattering.

  1. Bikini Tops & Bottoms

Bikini tops and bottoms come in many different styles, so knowing what each kind does can help you find the perfect one. The most common style of bikini bottom is the Brazilian cut, which has been popular since the 1970s. These have thick or thin side straps that tie around your hips or back to give full rear coverage without frumpy.

There’s also the thing, which often has a very low rise on your waist and is a string down the middle of your crack. If you’re not into that, there are plenty of other styles to choose from! Bottoms can have thick or thin side straps, skirt styles, and different rises on the waist.

  1. Monokinis

Monokinis are quickly becoming a new favourite in swimwear fashion. They cover more skin than bikini tops while still giving off the bare look that so many people love right now. These suits were popular back in the 1960s before bikinis caught on with everyone, but they’ve made quite a revival in recent years.

  1. Crop Tops Bandeau Bikini Tops

If you want to show off your stomach, but don’t feel confident enough with your midriff, then these are the swimsuits for you! Crop tops look great over full bottoms or high-waisted bikini bottoms. They can be worn around on their own since they are supported by the bandeau top underneath it all. These swimsuits will make your legs and arms look longer while also drawing attention up to your face.

  1. Retro Swimwear

Retro swimwear is making a big comeback this season. The vintage cuts of decades ago are back in style – some say thanks to “Mad Men” – and women everywhere are loving them! If you’re looking for old fashioned glamour, try pencil skirts or high-waisted bikinis with halter tops.

  1. Solid Colored Swimsuits

Solid swimsuits are perfect for those of us who want a little more coverage, but still want to keep it simple and fashionable. They’re not as popular as the trendier patterns, but they can make a statement if you do it right! Look for solid colours that compliment your hair and eye colour to make them pop.

If you have darker hair, try going with lighter bottoms like yellows or light pinks to stand out from your hair even more! For blue eyes, colours like green, orange, reds and purples will bring out the blue in your eyes and give people something nice to look at when they meet you.

  1. One-Piece Swimsuits

One-pieces are popular among many women today, especially since they give more coverage on the chest and arms than bikinis do! These are perfect for women who want to rock a high waisted bottom or go with a crotch strap that won’t be seen very easily in public areas.

  1. Bandeau Swimsuits

Bandeaus are one of the most popular swimsuit types because they’re simple, fashionable, and cover up what needs to be covered! They don’t require much adjusting if your straps fall throughout the day either, which is always nice when you’re spending time at the beach or pool.

The band on them just stays in place without too much trouble, which is perfect for taking a quick dip in the water or having to readjust constantly throughout the day.

There you have it! Now you should be ready to walk out the door and find the perfect swimsuit for your next day at the beach.

Remember to choose what makes you feel comfortable while also making sure that it’s current for this season. You don’t want to end up with something you won’t like or want to wear, so take time when looking through each section.